All Saints Church of England (VA) Infant School

All Saints Church of England (VA) Infant School

Love to Learn and Learn to Love

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All Saints Church of England (VA) Infant School

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  4. British Values

British Values

Our British Values are carefully planned to work alongside our Christian Values. They are audited by our Curriculum Lead to ensure that they permeate through the curriculum and daily life in a meaningful context.


The Rule of Law

We help develop fair rules for our class and school. 


We vote for who represents us on the School Council. 

Mutual Respect

We make all visitors feel very welcome in our school. 

Individual Liberty

We have the freedom to make choices about choosing the level of challenge in some lessons with our Chilli Challenges (Mild, Hot, Spicy, Super Sizzling).

Tolerance of those of different Faiths and Beliefs We use opportunities such as The Olympics to learn about different cultures.



All belonging under the umbrella of God's love, we enable children to flourish in His beautiful world as we love one another, persevere in learning and experience joy.