Tilford Road, Farnham, GU10 2DA

Community Links

We work closely with All Saints Church and hold a service there on the last day of every term.  Families and friends are welcome to join us. Our Parish Priest, Neil Fairlamb, helps with school worship, RE lessons, Playtime prayer spaces and even the odd lunchtime.

For information about the church services please click here.

We also work closely with sixteen other schools in Farnham in The Farnham Schools Confederation.

Please read more about the work we do here.

We are members of the South Farnham Trust SCITT (teacher training programme) and the Waverley Abbey Partnership Group.

Many children from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Tilford attend our school.  We have close links with the community; they are represented on our Governing body and we visit to attend meetings and social occasions.

We have close links with a village in Southern India called Kovalam.  We sponsor Reshma and each year hold a mufti day to raise money for the Venkatraman Trust.  This pays for Reshma's schooling a sometimes a present too!  Reshma writes to us and we write back; helping our children to have some idea of what is like to grow up in a different country.

For more information about the trust follow the link.

The Venkatraman Memorial Trust

We support the Farnham Assist support programme by entertaining the local elderly community. In 2017 we held a Knit and Natter group where our children made and served afternoon tea and the ladies taught our Owl Class to knit.