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A unique and important year!


At All Saints Infant School we recognise the importance of Early Years education in providing the essential foundation for all future learning.  We offer a wonderful setting that supports children in becoming confident and independent learners.

Our children benefit from having the space and time to learn through quality, structured play.  Our members of staff are passionate about providing well-planned, relevant and exciting learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.

We believe there is no limit to a child's learning potential and support every child to develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to achieve the Early Learning Goals and to begin their journey into KS1. 

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The Woodpeckers Teaching Team are: 


                                Miss Connor                              Mrs Anscomb




The class reps are: Gemma Matthews, Laura Baylis and Marina Gilbert 

What does the Early Years Curriculum at All Saints look like?

The Early Years Curriculum is different in that it is based on learning through play and exploring, being active and developing creative and critical thinking. It is designed to be flexible so unique interests of the child can be followed. The seven main areas are:

  • Prime areas - Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, and Physical Development. 
  • Specific areas - Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design 

Communication and Language

Expressive Arts and Design


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Education


Understanding the World


How does the Early Years Curriculum at All Saints prepare children for Key Stage 1 (Years 1 and 2)?

All themes are planned with KS1 staff to develop a clear progression of skills that prepares our children for Year 1.

The units are planned with the same school vision. The love of reading, outdoors and enquiry based learning, like the rest of the school, is the core of our Curriculum. The use of pupil voice and metacognition (learning to learn) begins in Early Years and is developed throughout the school. 

The emphasis of observations and the recording of children's through in the Early Years Curriculum have been developed into Key Stage 1. Teachers in Key Stage 1 feel this is the powerful way of continuing to record the children's Learning Journey at All Saints.

Here is our theme web for Summer 1 2022 - Where in the World

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