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PE and Sports Funding 2019-20

The government is continuing to provide additional funding to schools to enhance the teaching and learning of PE and Sports. This year the PE Funding is due to be £16,600.

PE and Sports Funding 2018-19

PE and Sports Funding 2017-18

PE and Sports Funding 2016-17

Run to Rio

Run to Rio Summer 2016

As a school we took part in the Active Surrey initiative, ‘Run to Rio’, lasting the duration of the Summer term. We launched the initiative with the opening of our new all-weather track, giving the children a flat surface to able to run and cycle. This raised the profile of the 2016 Rio Olympics with its cross curricular links, as well as the added benefit of getting our children active.

The aims of the initiative

  • That by the end of the summer, all children will be able to run for their allocated time

Woodpeckers (Reception) to run for 5 minutes a day

Kingfishers (Year 1) to run for 7 minutes a day

Owls (Year 2) to run for 10 minutes a day


  • That all children will develop their determination, perseverance, resilience and stamina through participating in the daily run


Time and Location

The teachers took ownership of the ‘Run to Rio’ daily run. They made the decision as to when they would complete their run for the allotted time, at a time that suited them. This was often used as a ‘brain break’ for the children, in between or at the end of lessons.

As we are a small school, with only three classes, it was easy to share the use of the field with the running track. At times, two classes wanted to use the track at the same time, then used the playground.

13 laps of the field = 1 mile / 19 laps of the playground = 1 mile


Initially, the children wore their school uniform but changed into their trainers. The teachers found that this became too disruptive and time consuming. The children run around at playtime quite happily in their school shoes without having an impact on them physically, therefore we made the decision for the children to participate to ‘Run to Rio’ in their school shoes.



The staff welcomed the opportunity to take part in daily run. The children were enthused and excited by seeing their teachers strive to achieve a new personal best!



  • Time in the day – it was important that all teachers were on board with our ‘Run to Rio’, making time in the day to run despite the busy curriculum
  • Areas to run / Bad weather
  • Staffing – if and when incidents happen eg. grazed knees



100% of children improved on the number of laps completed in their allocated time by the end of the summer term

75% of children increased their record number of laps by at least three laps from the start to the end of the initiative

All teachers reported an increase in concentration directly after their run

The children were enthused by the challenge, displaying a high level of determination to improve, competing against themselves and their personal best

The children made links to our ‘Keys to Success’ when talking about their achievements in their run

Parents noticed an increase in stamina outside of school, when participating in physical activity


What next?

We are hoping to continue with our daily run throughout the school year (2016-17). We are aiming to      re-launch ‘Run to Rio’ in the autumn term to the new children starting our school. We will be getting the children to record how many laps they complete at the beginning and end of each term. This will ensure that the children continue with their determination to achieve and improve.